Feature: A sort of `scroll-other-window-down/up` when using `follow-hint/visual-mode`

Hello. I know im annoying at this point. Im done after this, I promise :wink:

When I use follow-hint or run visual-mode I often need to scroll the page up/down to see where I need to go while the prompt buffer is open. Because the prompt buffer takes half the screen it would be handy to be able to run a command/function, something like scroll-other-window-down/up. Any thoughts on that? Maybe there is already a command/function that im not aware which does exactly that?

Right now the way would be to click outside prompt-buffer and scroll the page with prompt staying open.

But yes, having prompt-trespassing scrolling commands could come in handy!

Done: mode/prompt-buffer: Add commands to scroll buffer while in prompt. ยท atlas-engineer/nyxt@d5487cb ยท GitHub

Any advice on which keybindings to use (C-M-n and C-M-p are simply the ones from the top of my head and those that are guaranteed to be unbound), especially in VI mode is appreciated!

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Perfect! Awesome. Cant wait to test that. Thank you much for the support @aartaka