Emacs for filling more than forms input?

Hi, I just published a blog about how I jump from Emacs to Nyxt and back for my (still experimental) workflow.


I noticed that only input in html forms allow Emacs as editor: any chance somebody knows why that limitation? Is just a matter to increment the cases here or there was some underlying issue? nyxt/external-editor.lisp at master · atlas-engineer/nyxt · GitHub

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So awesome!!!

Which HTML element would you need to edit with an external editor? We’ve put INPUT and TEXTAREA because this was a quick and dirty implementation, but now that you mention it, we should polish it with a list of all editable HTML elements.

I’ve opened an issue about it: Allow external editor in any HTML editable element · Issue #1565 · atlas-engineer/nyxt · GitHub

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Thanks for opening the issue! An example of somewhere where it does not work is: Tryit Editor v3.6