Editing HTML files on disk

Today I did a test that I didn’t expect to end as it did.

My goal was to figure out a way to edit and save TiddlyWikis in Nyxt. This is not supposed to work just like that, because browsers are not supposed to let Web pages write to the local filesystem. I tried nevertheless, just to say what kind of error message I would get, and if I could then do something about this.

To my surprise, when I pressed the “save” button, the modified file was saved to disk. Which is nice in a way, because it means I can edit TiddlyWikis in Nyxt without any of the kliudges required for other browsers. But then, it isn’t supposed to work for security reasons.

Wondering now: does Nyxt have a security issue? Or does it have special support for TiddlyWikis already?

We have not added explicit support for TiddlyWikis. I would have to learn more about what it is doing to explain the behavior you are seeing. I should however note that files on your disk do have special permissions as compared to URLs on the greater WWW.

The way assets are treated, what functions can run, etc.

Perhaps Artyom has some explanation. cc: @aartaka