Demeter updates

Greetings from the Great White North.

I recently purchased Demeter. I like to track nyxt development from git, and I have found that Demeter is not working with the most recent commit of nyxt. Sadly, I’m not CL-literate (yet) or else I’d dig into the problem myself.

When I fire up Demeter, I get

<WARN> [05:10:27] Warning: Error on GTK thread: When attempting to set the slot's value to :LOADING (SETF of SLOT-VALUE), the
slot NYXT::STATUS is missing from the object
#&lt;USER-INTERNAL-BUFFER 1098 {100712DFC3}&gt;.

Which raises the other question: will you push releases to the download URL as Demeter is updated?


Firstly, thank you for your purchase and support! Secondly, we’ve actually already updated Demeter to handle working with master. We have not yet pushed an update with this though. We’ll push it as soon as possible and inform you here as well :slight_smile: