Creating Isolated Config / Data

So, I am trying to isolate a bug that appears to be related to auto-mode disabling proxy-mode through FFI, and I was wondering, what would be the best way to have a (reasonably) separate config.lisp, auto-mode-rules.lisp, history, cookies, whatever, than my usual setup? Oh, and without involving something like Guix or spinning up a VM. Say, having everything in directories under /tmp/nyxt/

Maybe the following command line options taken from the nyxt --help string might be relevant to you:

  -i, --config ARG      Set path to configuration file.
                       Default: #P"/home/leirda/.config/nyxt/config.lisp"
  -I, --no-config       Do not load the configuration file.
  -c, --auto-config ARG Set path to auto-configuration file.
                       Default: #P"/home/leirda/.config/nyxt/auto-config.3.lisp"
  -C, --no-auto-config  Do not load the user auto-configuration file.
  --with-file ARG       Set path reference to the given path.
                       Can be specified multiple times.  An empty path means it won't be used.
                       Example: --with-file bookmarks=/path/to/bookmarks
                                --with-file session=

This last option seems very promising, I don’t know all of the possible options, but I guess there are other things like the history file, the cookies and whatnot.

Please note that I’m talking about the latest Nyxt version 3.

For something that is more persistent (e.g. you don’t need to write very long command lines or a shell script to do it for you), I think you can use the Nyxt profile feature as described in the documentation.
I don’t know how to use it – I didn’t spent time looking into it as I think it can drastically changes between nyxt versions for now.


Ah! It’s been awhile since I last thoroughly checked --help, --with-file might just be what I would need. And no, I wasn’t thinking persistent, but profiles might’ve changed since…