Copy with ctrl+c?

So I just noticed ctrl+c doesn’t do anything anywhere. Pressing it gives me the message “Pressed keys: C-c” like it is waiting for me to press another key. If I hit enter after that nothing happens. I haven’t changed the default key bindings settings, I’m in web mode, describing the C-c command gives me [C-#54], and lastly if I try to add the copy command to my override keybinding list Nyxt just breaks and won’t run at that point. Doesn’t matter what keybinding I try to give it either.

I’m assuming I am misunderstanding something here as C-v works as expected to paste.

UPDATE: I still think the above was weird but I realized why my rebinding didn’t work. I figured out the proper command was "C-c" 'nyxt/web-mode::copy so I got it to work now. Still curious as to why it didn’t work to begin with. I didn’t see copy anywhere in the bindings list.

Perhaps you had the emacs bindings enabled which override the CUA bindings? Without looking at your complete configuration, I can’t know :smiley:

In any case, “C-c” and “C-v” are bound to their respective counterparts in a typical CUA/web-mode setup.

Some bindings are understood by the renderer itself (WebKitGTK).
When Nyxt does not recognize a binding, it forwards it to the renderer. Does that make sense?

If you have an issue with your config, please share your snippet, we will help you figure it out!

@ambrevar @jmercouris I hadn’t set emacs bindings anywhere which is what was weird to me. I am working on rewriting my configs at the moment but will get back once I do if it is still an issue. Either way I was able to figure oub how to override it. For what it is worth I did actually think the same as you that I may have accidentally set emacs or something like that so I configured CUA and that still didn’t fix it at the time.

Either way like I said I have been trying a lot out and since I am streamlining atm maybe it’ll work itself out, if not I’ll let you know as at that point it may be some weird bug I’m experiencing.

OK, thanks for your feedback so far :slight_smile: . It has been good to know!