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I am working on figuring out ways to make onboarding easier for people in my circles so am trying to address a lot of things that I struggled with in getting setup. One piece I don’t remember how I found at all is where the init.lisp file goes. Of course at this point I know where it is for Linux but is there a command to show it or set places for each OS for nyxt to look for it?

Like Linux having it in ~/.config/nyxt/

It’s mentioned in the manual, but you are very true, it’s not very obvious.

I’ve just pushed a commit which mentions the default path in nyxt --help. It will be in the coming release 2.1.1.

Any other suggestion?

That is probably where I saw it myself then and I just forgot.

On this piece not any more suggestions. Just general clarity on certain things would be helpful but I’m working on my own pieces to help with that and will share when I’ve got a good baseline of things. Hopefully it can help serve as a general jumping off point for lots more people. I’m probably generally considered by the average person as a “power user” but among actual power users I just see myself as an enthusiast.

That said I hope to help bridge the gap a little bit.

Great, that would be really cool :slight_smile:

Actually @ambrevar

What if if was still in the manual like normal but you also had the paths at the top of both the manual and help section in nyxt? Just like a

Relevant File Paths:

  • Config Files (init.lisp, auto-config.lisp, etc) [insert path]
  • History File [insert path]
  • Bookmark File [insert path]
  • etc

Just a thought so it is more front and center that these are the places everything is.

Top of the manual may be out of place.
On the help page? Why not. I’ll raise the issue on GitHub.

Or… What about leveraging the external editor command to edit the prompter user file in an external editor?

See Create a command to edit bookmark data (URL, title, tags) or any user file · Issue #1576 · atlas-engineer/nyxt · GitHub.

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Definitely like that idea. I would still say that should maybe be one of the first commands shown in the help page though if the paths won’t be there.

Yes, we can add a button on the help page.

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