Commands over URL

Hi, what do you think of being able to share URLs with commands/macros attached at the end? (fragment).


Say you want to share a link to a specific part of a video.
Something like that :sweat_smile:

Can you imagine this being useful in other ways?

I’ve searched for similar things, and the only thing I’ve found is that there are several projects trying to use the fragment just to select some text. Which is fine but, I don’t know. It’s pretty lame. Chrome has this Scroll to Text Fragment, but again, it’s just text search, and i don’t see anyone using it. Maybe because in standard browsers you are so limited that there is no use to it.

From what I’ve read, the fragment is only processed by the browser (it isn’t sent to the server) and the only use it has right now on websites is to scroll the page to a certain element by its id, which is only useful if the website is designed with that in mind.
If you type a random string into the fragment it does nothing, so… It wouldn’t break any site or browser functionality if someone uses the fragment for commands.

That said, I’ve found some obvious problems (apart from me not knowing anything about web browsers)

Obvious problems

  1. Whoever clicks your link should easily understand what your commands do.
  2. The browser of that person should also understand the commands.
    The only thing I can think of right now is using dictionaries, just like we do with natural languages, they work pretty good (Since the beginning of civilization :nerd_face: )
    You have a list of words and how they are supposed to be used. And just as with words, everyone can have a different implementation of that command.
  3. Security
    The most obvious problem. The most annoying problem. Dealing with dumb people trying to outsmart everyone else. (Or maybe just your own unintentional clicks).
    I wouldn’t really know what to do with this, :sneezing_face: Maybe not running any URL command unless you had manually configured the browser to do it. And then, when you click some link that has commands, ask which commands you want to run (none, all, select some of them)…

Sorry if reading this was a waste of time, I don’t know much about web browsers or Lisp… just thought this idea could be useful.

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I think there are some very interesting concepts in here. I will mull over them. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this out! It is very much appreciated!

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