Casually showing off my config

Hey there, here’s my config repo - kssytsrk/.nyxt.d. And this is how it looks:

The main thing I’ve customized that might be interesting to anyone is the theme - my config (the relevant part being theme.lisp in the repo) pulls all the colors from Emacs during startup (for that, Emacs’s server has to be running, obviously). The code is not-so-interesting - it’s basically the same thing over and over, applied to the minibuffer, internal buffer, status bar, and the web-buffer - with the latter two being a WIP as I want to separate the status bar config (custom layout, etc) from the status bar’s colorscheme, which doesn’t seem possible yet, and the web-buffer config (aka emacs-colorscheme-mode) is just a mess.

Also, percentage.lisp imitates how qutebrowser displays (typically in the status bar) the percentage of page scrolled - proves to be useful when reading long texts. The code for including the percentage in the status bar is in theme.lisp (well, for now).

smol-improvements.lisp features my attempts to specify different download paths for each file (the goal is to have files with .pdf extension download into the pdf directory, and all the other ones into the normal downloads directory). It doesn’t quite work yet, though.

Sorry this got kind of long, hope it was interesting (and possibly inspiring? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else have their browser and Emacs themes synchronized, so it warms my heart I might be one of the first).


Your config is awesome! Do you think you could help me figure out how to add your percentage thing to my config? I got percentage.lisp all squared away but no matter what I try when adding it in the status buffer I can’t get it to work.

Currently I just have the #tabs and #modes sections of it and would like to see the percentage on the right of my modes (so same place as yours) but I can’t figure it out.

Here is what I have in my init.lisp (the relevant bit)

(defun my-format-status (window)
  (let ((buffer (current-buffer window)))
     (:div :id "container"
           (:div :id "tabs"
                 (markup:raw (format-status-tabs)))
           (:div :id "modes"
                  (format-status-load-status buffer)
                  (format-status-modes buffer window)))))))

(define-configuration window
  ((status-formatter #'my-format-status)))

And here is what I have for my styling in style.lisp

(define-configuration status-buffer
  ((style (str:concat
                :grid-template-columns "90% 10%")
               :background-color "black"
               :border-top "1px solid white")
              (".button:hover" :color "white")
               :background-color "black"
               :color "white"
               :border-top "1px solid white")
              (".tab:hover" :color "white"))))))) 

Replied here.

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