Bottom bars cropped

I’m trying nyxt, and for some reason the mode line bar and the status bar are cropped:


I’m using i3, and if it matters I have Xft.dpi: 192 set in .Xresources.

Should I change the configuration to double the size of the mode line and of the status bar? If so, I would gladly use some help on how to do it (.i.e, what to put in the configuration file).

Hi! That should do the thing:

(define-configuration status-buffer
  ;; Set mode line height to twice the default. 
  ;; You can use constants like 38 or any other calculations here.
  ((height (* 2 %slot-default%))))

(define-configuration window
  ;; Set the size of the message area (where messages 
  ;; are displayed) to twice the default value.
  ((message-buffer-height (* 2 %slot-default%))))

That worked perfectly. Thanks!

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