Are the logical operators on bookmarks gone?


In this lecture from @ambrevar he shows logical operators applied to the bookmarks at this moment. I know things have changed since this afternoon (nEXT → Nyxt, for instance).

But, is this feature gone?

I tried using (or (and x y)) and it did not work. Could be a bug or an expected behavior.

By the way, the video does not show the (nil logical operator being used but this is the one that I crave the most as a Nyxt user.

Indeed, we removed it with the prompt buffer overhaul.
But we plan to re-introduce it in a more generalize way: Prompt buffer polishing

Design suggestions welcome!

What would the nil operator do? Did you mean not?

OK, good to know!

Oh, yeah. I mean not. Sorry.

For instance, while choosing a bookmark to open on the prompt buffer, I would like to do
(not Wikipedia) and the list with the options would show all URLs that are not from Wikipedia.