A new category for general questions about Nyxt?

I like this Discourse and there are 4 sub-categories available: Ideas, Configuration Exposè, Configuration Question, and Article.

Sometimes, I have doubts (general questions) about Nyxt, e.g. things that happen while live hacking Nyxt. The options of categories are not a good fit.

Thus, I would like to suggest a new category: General Questions.

I could use Github, but it is more bug/feature oriented. I briefly discussed about this with @aartaka once.

I could also use IRC, but the information would be not indexed by search engines and it would disappear as I leave the Kiwi IRC.

Lastly, I could use email (I have been using it). But by definition is not useful for other people. What do you say?

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Maybe even rename the “Configuration Questions” to “Questions”?

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It is a possibility. But maybe it would be better to have multiple tags, some more general and others more specific. This is the approach on Stack Overflow, for instance. You can put as acceptable tags “python” and “matplotlib”.

Keeping the “configuration question” tag could be good for people looking forward exclusively to this topic.

Would general questions not just belong just to the Nyxt category? You don’t have to specify a subcategory I don’t think.

In any case, I did add it. Perhaps it is not obvious to people that you can post in just the “Nyxt” category.

Oh, actually, I new it was possible to post under the Nyxt category. My first post was like that.

I was just afraid that it would be inappropriate since there is a definition for this category which is:

Any ideas Nyxt, configuration questions or otherwise, please post them here.

I think the “or otherwise” confused me, probably because I am not a native speaker.